Questions & Answers on stall and camping reservations

Q: Will my reservation form be discarded if it’s postmarked before February 4th?
A: No we will simply record all the reservation postmarked February 4th first and then record any that postmarked before February 4th.

Q: Can I hand in my reservation form at the OQHA Banquet?
A: Yes we will have a table at the banquet with form to fill out and will begin filling in our reservation data base at the banquet.

Q: Do in need to have the form completely filled out, there are some parts I don’t have the information right now but want to get my form in on time?
A: No but we do need the following;

  • Number of stalls and campsites
  • A contact person, name, address, phone number and email contact

We will be contacting you via phone or email to complete the form information.


Q: What is the best way to let you know we wish to be stalled next to someone but we will be sending in separate forms and checks?
A: There is a “wish to stall next to” area on the form, simply fill it in. We cannot guarantee that we can due to the stall numbers in the barns but we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q: I’m not sure the exact number of stalls I need by the time of the show. Can I send in signed check with a number of stalls I may need but be able to change the number?
A: We would like to receive the most accurate count that you can give us.  We will be contacting you before June 15 to get an exact number an then process your check .

Q: If after June 15 I find out I don’t need as many stalls or campsites what should I do?
A: First contact us ( we may have a waiting list and be able to help you. If we don’t you can post a notice on our Face Book site.


Q: Are there more 50 amp campsites at the World Equestrian Center (WEC) then at Eden Park?
A: Yes at Eden Park we only had 12-50 amp spots and we are happy to say we have just under 100-50 amp spots at the WEC. There will be an additional temporary 60-70, 30 amp spots as well. We will park you base on sponsorship, and the first come electrical needs.

Q: We have a group of campers and would like to camp together is this possible?
A: Yes if you arrive on the same day together and your electric needs are the same. As everyone know it’s very difficult to park someone once everyone else is parked around that saved open spot.

Q: What is the earliest I can bring my camper in?
A: Tuesday, July 11 for all sponsor units and Wednesday July 12 for everyone else.

Q: If I plan to attend just the Buckeye Classic and not the Little Buckeye and have a camping reservation do I need to bring my unit in before the Little Buckeye?
A: It would be highly recommended as it will be very difficult to keep people from parking in your open spot.

Q: We will be camping during the Little Buckeye but we are sharing the spot with someone else that will be using the spot over the Buckeye Classic, what do we do?
A: Simply give us all the information at the welcome tent when you arrive and we will hold the spot.

Q: Is there septic hook-ups on all the campsites?
A: No only for the one area that will be filled with our sponsors first. There is a dumping spot on the grounds and we will have a service to come around. We do not know what that price will be at this time. All spots will have water.

WEC Cabins & Trailers “Home Away From Home”

Q: Do I reserve a cabin or trailer through you?
A: NO all cabin and trailer reservations must go through the WEC. They have an online reservation form at ( Once you have made your reservation you can pick your keys up at the new office next to the convenient store across 730 from the arenas. There will be a golf cart tunnel under 730 by the time of the Buckeye.